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Download Hitman Sniper apk

Today’s game is AMAZING. I have recommended you guys a lot of games , but Hitman: Sniper is Wow. You are an agent called 47, and your aim is to kill dangerous men , using sniper. Graphics of the game are super. Even though the story line is one serie it is interesting. The sound […]

Download Dead Trigger 2 apk

As the title Itself introduces the game ,Dead Trigger 2 is an action game. Yeah, Yeah Zombies again. As they are after you and everybody else in our planet, you need to be the Hero to kill each one of them. Download Dead Trigger 2 apk and Save the world my Hero. Dead Trigger 2 […]

Download Zombie Tsunami apk

I have always presented games that the main character fights Zombies, but this time is the opposite. Zombies Tsunami is about Zombies that are fighting humans. Choose from the long list of weapons or character which have different skills and powers and conquer the world of Humans. Search Download Zombie Tsunami apk and have fun. […]

Download Boom Beach apk

Next game I’m going to introduce to you is all about defense and strategy. Boom Beach is an action game , where your aim is to protect the Base that you created, from the villains that want to  destroy it. Build your base near the sea or other secure locations. Prepare for war at any […]

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