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Zombie games are pretty popular and a lot nowadays. You have a lot to pick from , but I suggest you tonight Dead Target apk. The game is scary and thrilling as you are the only one that survived the infection. Your aim is to survive and find a way to clean the world from zombies, also to find a way to restart life on Earth. Download Dead Target apk from our website and be the Hero.

Dead Target Overview:

There are lots of games with versions of Zombies, but I am suggesting you tonight Dead Target. The game is about you , who are the only survivor in the search of ending this Zombie Saga and remake the Earth alive again. Shoot every Zombie that gets in your way and never let your guard down , because you never know when they appear. Download Dead Target apk if you are interested in this kind of games.

The game provides you also with medical aid , as you too have the possibility to turn into a Zombie , if you do not heal yourself. Think of this as a limitless life, huge advantage. Pick the weapon you want and it is more efficient in this Bloody war. There are a list of them , that you have to pick from. Of course you earn money which can be spent to update your weapons or character. Use them wisely. Download Dead Target and have fun.

What is there to mention is that the graphics are great, which make the game more likable and scary. The sound is good too, which adds the pluses to this game. You can download this game , if you click the link below: Download Dead Target apk. Download it and enjoy !

Download Dead Target apk


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