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Do you have kids from 3- 11 years old ? Do you want them to spend useful hours on the phone? Let your children download Little Tooth’s Fairy Tale apk and play with this educational game about teeth . Learn how to take care of their teeth in the most funny ways. The game is easily accessed by your children , download  Little Tooth’s Fairy Tale apk in the link below. Teach your children the rules of hygiene and helps to gain healthy habits.

Download Little Tooth's Fairy Tale apk

Little Tooth’s Fairy Tale Overview:

The “Little Tooth’s Fairy Tale” : is made to persuade children to brush their teeth and tune in to their parents . In this game they will figure out how microorganisms and acids assault the tooth and how we can shield our teeth against them. Woman Toothbrush and Lord Toothpaste are our great companions we simply need to utilize them after each dinner.

The “Gleaming Teeth” diversion: an engaging and amusing game however in which we figure out how the toothpaste keeps our teeth white, brilliant and clean.

Shading designs: masterful exercises with themes of dental cleanliness, cut from the story that the kids have heard. The youngsters should color the pictures and they will be extremely glad to do this!

Little Tooth’s Fairy Tale Features:

  • Educational Story
  • Funny Game
  • Easy to Play
  • Coloring Images

Download Little Tooth’s Fairy Tale apk

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