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Free download Where’s My Water apk with the latest update in your android device. Play and unlock different levels of the game by solving some specific puzzles.

Download Where's My Water apk

Where’s My Water apk Overview:

The game shows a little alligator trying to have a shower in his bathroom. There is a problem that you have to fix for him. The dirt and some other different factors blocked his pipes. You have to fix them in order to make him enjoy the shower.

It looks like the game is easy, but the blocked tubes, create a puzzle that you have to find a way to make the water move and go straight out the shower, so the alligator can clean himself. Every new level will have a new difficulty and  a new tube puzzle that you will have to solve. Download Where’s My Water apk and fix as many puzzles as you can, to clean your alligator.

The game puts new levels every week, that you can play. The story mode for the moment has more than 500 puzzles and more to come in the following weeks. Download Where’s My Water apk to unlock these levels and get the latest updates for the upcoming puzzles that you will have to solve. In the game you can find different characters such as mystery duck, Swampy and Allie, etc.

Swampy is the main character of the game, the little alligator who lives under the city and loves taking a shower, but his pipes have problem that do not allow the water to go out. With your help, he will solve these problems and enjoy having a long shower in his bathroom.

Where’s My Water apk Features:

  • More than 500 puzzle levels to unlock
  • Bonus levels to collect different items for each character
  • New upcoming levels every week

What’s New:

  • Some bug fixes in the game play.

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Download Where’s My Water apk


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