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I have always presented games that the main character fights Zombies, but this time is the opposite. Zombies Tsunami is about Zombies that are fighting humans. Choose from the long list of weapons or character which have different skills and powers and conquer the world of Humans. Search Download Zombie Tsunami apk and have fun.

Zombie Tsunami Overview:

This Time things are played in Zombie’s perspective. They are ready to invade Earth and make every human being into one of them. Zombie Tsunami is a fun game , which is enjoyable playing with friends. Use every kind of method or characters that are on the list to make a Zombie World. Download Zombie Tsunami apk and have fun playing.

Explore every type of character that the game holds. Each one of them has their own skills. Some are really dangerous and make a massive destruction , some are less harmful. Turn as many human zombies as possible. Using the Weapons that there are destroy everything that gets in you way. There are many chapters to unlock and with the money you get you can update your weapons. Download Zombie Tsunami apk if you are interested.

You can even raise your own zombies baby birds which give you money. Use that opportunity to update your weapons. The graphics are good and the sound is good too. If they upgraded it a bit it would have been more fun. Play it with your friends and have an enjoyable game. Click the link below to start the Download. Enjoy!

Download Zombie Tsunami apk

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