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As the title Itself introduces the game ,Dead Trigger 2 is an action game. Yeah, Yeah Zombies again. As they are after you and everybody else in our planet, you need to be the Hero to kill each one of them. Download Dead Trigger 2 apk and Save the world my Hero.

Dead Trigger 2 Overview:

I have introduced many Zombies games , but Dead Trigger is a must have. As in every game , the fate of the earth is in you hands. Kill every Zombie that gets in your way, because of course they are after you. Choose from the list of different weapons and use them well. Download Dead Trigger 2 apk and enjoy!

Different from other games, Here you get to have friends and they can help you maintain your base. Your weapons and your Medical equipment. Of course this cost money , but you know that every solved mission gives you money so use them well. You can build this facilities faster if you spent more money. Also the game offers you prizes, so update your weapons or your base. Search Download Dead Trigger 2 apk and have fun.

The graphics of the game are good, but with the sound they have made a better job, the sound is great. Enjoy playing it with friends and ask for their help. Different missions await for you so do not miss this game. Click the Download link below and be the Hero the Earth needs.

Download Dead Trigger 2 apk

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