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Hungry Dragon Game which is becoming very popular for its unique idea and gameplay has won the hearts of many players. Let us discuss the game and it’s features. At last I will provide you with the  requirement for its download.

This game is not usual game related to shooting somebody  or even shooting the hungry dragons which many people might form as an idea with reference to the name of the game itself. The game contains more than hundred hungry dragons which are to be fed by you. You step into the shoes of a dragon and feed him. Now the question which comes here is what can the dragon be fed upon?

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The game provides us with different and numerous animals, insects, huge insects and human too. Your dragon can feed on all of them.

Aim : The main aim of the Hungry Dragon game is to feed your dragon, collect coins hy feeding and keep yourself alive.

You must be wondering that this game is so simple but here we go ; it has obstacles too. Initially you are blessed with an extra small size dragon which can not eat huge animals.Therefore you need to collect coins and feed on smaller animals. As you will go up the level you will be entitled to bigger dragon. It will get unlock. There are various missions and tasks also completely which you can earn more coins.

Certain obstacles include the things which are not to be fed upon by the dragon. If the dragon eats either it will die altogether or some part of his life will be reduced. You can also earn coins by collecting daily chests and golden letters and make your hungry dragon happy. The more you feed him, the more your dragon will grow.

The most exciting part of this game which I personally like is when you get eligible for tournament. You can easily connect your game with facebook and compete and win globally. Otherwise it’s a multiplayer game also which you can play with your friends.

The coins which you collect can used to buy costumes and pets for your dragon. This is my favourite feature. It makes the game so cool and interesting. There are various costumes and pets available to be cherished by your dragon to stay alive.

Though, MODs are available for this game but still try to enjoy it without having any MOD at all.

Short Glimpse of Features

  1. There are so many dragons which can be unlocked by your performance. Not only the size of dragon gets bigger but also the abilities are different of each dragon which can help you to become pro at this game if used smartly.
  2. Hungry Dragon has become one of the most popular games because of its cool graphics and smooth controls
  3. For the first time this game allows you to be a dragon and rule your place.
  4. Great customization options.

The Hungry Dragon Game which is a great action arcade game is currently available in 1.8 version for Android. It is a totally free arcade game which requires the only requirement of Android 4.2+ to play the game.

So download and enjoy the dragon experience!

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