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A Guide To Play Cooking Fever – Hot Tips and Cheats Download Added

A Guide To Play Cooking Fever – Hot Tips and Cheats Download Added..!!

So how fast your reflex action is? I said so because, in cooking fever, you need an ability to focus and play under pressure. Although there’s a lot of game with some astonishing RPG upgrades, stubborn action, and refreshed graphics effects. However, this game has something different that can soothe your mood instantly.

As you know, you need to prepare all of your food items at a supersonic speed and serve it to your customers before they get angry. The most amazing feature that I l admire about this game is the reality. Yes, because it helps us to know how to handle customers and grow a profitable business.

A Guide To Play Cooking Fever – Hot Tips and Cheats Download Added

Now let’s get to the main stuff. Are you looking for cheats because you haven’t been able to set up a profitable business even after trying several times? You can download cheats here. Moreover, I also want to share some tips, tricks, and strategies that will enable you to collect more coins and gems. By the way, if you are a Netflix fan like me, I got a bonus for you. Now get back to tips:


  1. Prepare Your Food In Advance

It is a great idea to have some food ready before customers start visiting your restaurant. Customers never complain about pre-prepared food but they can complain about the delay. In addition to this, It doesn’t matter whether you have cooked one hour ago or 5 minutes ago. There will be no difference in the actual points you earn.

  1. Upgrade Your Kitchen

You just need to win level one to upgrade your kitchen. Now you must be wondering why am I telling you to upgrade the kitchen? Actually, our aim is to increase cooking capacity. So that means, you can multiply and cook various food items at the same time which eventually result in more profit.

  1. Upgrade Your Restaurant

What do you admire the most when you visit a restaurant? Yes, that’s appearance. This is a great way to keep your customers comfortable and cheerful. The more you upgrade, the more reputation you will get. Moreover, if some customers loved your restaurant, they will definitely give you some tip in the form of an additional bonus.

  1. Replay The Levels You Accomplished Before

What’s the point in playing a single game again and again? I hope that you are thinking about this. Let me explain! When you replay a game that you have played before, chances of earning more gems increases.

  1. Increase Food Prices

Your customer may not like this but you have to do this to play on the high edge. I recommend you to first build a great restaurant to do so.


I loved this game because in the end, this game helps me to sharpen up my memory and it also helped me to cope with the real business going on in the actual world. And I know it’s a bit quite addictive game which is good IF you are not doing anything. Otherwise, if you aren’t free then you can download our cheats from the above links.

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