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Tips and tricks for Jurassic World: The Mobile Game

Tips and tricks for Jurassic World: The Mobile Game

A true adventurer also needs help, and the following tricks for Jurassic World: The Game will serve you to survive on the island, discover new species and make the park a must see.

Jurassic World: The Game is another of the proposals on Jurassic Park present in mobile devices, although now under a much more traditional program where we must deal with obtaining and making stronger creatures to later use them in combat. There are many secrets in Jurassic World: The Game and we discover them all.

With these tips for Jurassic World: The Game you can evolve to more than 150 available dinosaurs, improve each of the buildings, win in battles and always know which cards and dinos are the most suitable.

Tips and tricks for Jurassic World: The Mobile Game

Do not cut yourself in going changing of dinosaur

Although we consider that the initial dinosaur with which we have started the game is the right one, it does not have to be that way. Yes, making the change will cost you a battle point but you would open the range for a new opportunity. Just touch the other dinosaur that you want to include in the battle so that you can join it.

Try to put the weakest first

A good strategy is to start the combats with the weakest dinosaur, not only for the rival to trust, but also to obtain more loading points that could be used by the later dinosaurs that are more powerful. In this way, let the weaker one start the battle, be beaten, so that when you can change to another stronger dinosaur he will come with load ability to be able to perform very powerful attacks.

If you play every day you will receive many prizes

As is usual in most mobile professional game app developers, if you enter each day you will unlock different rewards. Entering the game daily you will receive a free mystery packet, which is unlocked every five hours, and which will grant you all kinds of items such as food, money, and even special missions.

Complete before the construction missions

Not only because some of the initial missions of the game are about building certain buildings, but if you already have them done from the beginning, will they give you different advantages throughout the games. And it is that all the finished buildings will increase our production of the different resources.

Improves food production

More food means that you will have more possibilities to level up each of the dinosaurs, a great option when it comes to updating our creatures while there are no fights to be made. So if you have coins available, you know how to start investing them.

You can get the premium currency and free DNA

It is not necessary to invest real money in the game, since there are methods to get the so-called Dino bucks and even DNA.  What you can do is see different video ads and this is done by clicking on the Dino Bucks or DNA icons at the top of the screen.

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each dinosaur

Although the first thing that catches your attention in its appearance, first of all you must learn what does well and what does each dinosaur wrong. In this way you should focus on going facing dinosaurs that may be worth to knock down the opponent. For this we do not just look at the attack and defense, but also certain state abilities that can give us a boost in the battle.

You can earn a lot of money and experience with this trick

There will be times when you cannot level up since you cannot fight whenever you want. To level up quickly go to the construction store and create as many structures and decorations as you can. The good thing about the decorations is that they are very quick to build and that each will give you experience. Then you can sell each of these decorations recovering half the money and you can buy them again by repeating the process to level up.

These are the best tricks and tips for Jurassic World: The Game , which will allow you not only to have the best dinosaurs and win combats, but also to have the most attractive and safe Jurassic park.

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